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Upscaling Your Day-To-Day Living - co-working lounge with tables, private offices, quiet conversation rooms, and conference rooms

Upscaling Your Day-To-Day Living

Living at Alexan Westerly Creek isn’t just about having a fancy address. It’s about embracing a lifestyle where every detail comes with the thought of upscaling your day-to-day living. Here, the blend of luxury and convenience creates a sophisticated and utterly comfortable environment. Imagine a place where your morning coffee is as essential as the air you breathe, and your biggest dilemma is whether to work from a chic lounge or unwind in front of the TV in utter comfort. This isn’t just living; it’s living upgraded. Delve into the amenities that set Alexan Westerly Creek apart from just another luxury apartment complex.

Upscaling Your Work Life

Our co-working lounge is the dream office you never thought you’d have outside of a high-rise. It comes with private offices, for when you need to hunker down and focus, and quiet rooms perfect for those deep conversations or video calls. Need to host a meeting? Our conference rooms are at your disposal, equipped with all the tech you’d expect. Plus, with coffee service and a printer, it’s like having your own personal cafe that knows your work rhythm. This space isn’t just functional; it’s designed to inspire your best work yet, all while sipping on your favorite coffee.

Your New Favorite Hangout

Enter our resident lounge and find your new favorite spot to relax. With comfortable lounge chairs and TVs, it’s like your living room, but better. This is the place to be, whether you’re looking to catch up on your favorite series or just chill with neighbors. The vibe here is always welcoming, creating the perfect backdrop for relaxation or socializing. It’s styled with elegance but feels like home. Here, every moment is an invitation to sit back, relax, and enjoy the upscale lifestyle that you deserve.

Living with Day-To-Day Convenience

Gone are the days of missed deliveries and waiting for package notices. With our 24/7 Hub by Amazon and a special room for oversized packages, receiving your parcels is as easy as pie. Shop online to your heart’s content, knowing your packages are safe until you’re ready to pick them up. It’s convenience, redefined. This amenity ensures you’re always connected to the goods you love, making your life at Alexan Westerly Creek seamless. Here, your online shopping spree knows no bounds, thanks to a parcel service that keeps up with your lifestyle.

Staying at Alexan Westerly Creek is all about stepping into a life filled with comfort, ease, and flair. This place isn’t just about pretty rooms; it’s packed with features that make everyday living better. Picture a co-working space as good as any city office, a lounge perfect for kicking back or enjoying some fun, and a service that makes getting your online orders a breeze. Welcome to our community, your spot for a life that’s a notch above the rest. Upscaling your day-to-day living is a breeze here at Alexan Westerly Creek. Contact our leasing team today for more details!