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Upscale Living that Captures the Heart - Bocce Ball

Upscale Living that Captures the Heart

Picture a home where your everyday life feels like a relaxing getaway. That’s what Alexan Westerly Creek provides. It’s a place where you wake up to fresh morning air from the nearby trail and spend evenings enjoying time with neighbors in a beautiful courtyard. Our amenities are all about creating a happy community life. Let’s walk through our amenities that offer upscale living that captures the heart.

A Courtyard that Captures the Heart

The courtyard at Alexan Westerly Creek is the community’s jewel. Overlooking the serene Westerly Creek Trail, it’s a space designed for relaxation and socializing. With a cozy fireplace for those chillier evenings and a grilling area perfect for weekend barbecues, it’s easy to find your happy place. The courtyard is where stories are shared, and laughter is the background music to your outdoor adventures. It’s where neighbors become friends and meals turn into feasts under the stars.

Active Living with a Twist of Fun

Fitness and fun go hand-in-hand at Alexan Westerly Creek. The community offers outdoor games that bring out the playful spirit in everyone. Challenge your friends to a friendly game of bocce ball, test your aim with cornhole, or engage in the fast-paced action of ping pong. These games are an invitation to enjoy the outdoors and make every day a little more exciting. So, if you’re a competitive spirit or looking for a light-hearted round of games, the amenities here will certainly bring joy and activity to your doorstep.

Upscale Living with Nature

When you live at Alexan Westerly Creek, nature is not just a view from your window; it’s your backyard. The Westerly Creek Trail offers residents the perfect backdrop for a morning jog, an evening walk, or a weekend bike ride. The rustling leaves, the gentle creek, and the birds’ songs are the soundtrack of your outdoor excursions. This trail is a narrative of nature that unfolds with every step you take, offering a peaceful respite from the daily grind.

Join us at Alexan Westerly Creek for upscale living that captures the heart. Schedule a tour of our homes today!