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Upscale Living and Stylish Comfort - luxury bathroom with combination bath/showers

Upscale Living and Stylish Comfort

Alexan Westerly Creek isn’t just another apartment complex; it’s a canvas for upscale living and stylish comfort. Here, every apartment feature enhances the luxury and convenience of your daily life. Our homes offer contemporary cabinetry that redefines modern living. They also have the practical elegance of in-unit washers and dryers. Everything at Alexan Westerly Creek comes with you in mind. Look into some of the standout features that make our apartments more than just a place to live—they’re a place to thrive.

Stylish Contemporary Cabinetry

Walk into any kitchen at Alexan Westerly Creek, and you’ll notice the cabinetry right away. These cabinets aren’t just for storage. They’re pieces of modern art that combine practical use with sleek design. They come painted in calming colors and designed with smooth, clean lines. The cabinets make your kitchen look more beautiful while giving you plenty of room for your essentials. They are strong enough to handle a busy kitchen’s needs, mixing durability with style. But it’s more than just their appearance; these cabinets create a space that’s enjoyable for both cooking and hosting. This stylish feature makes your kitchen feel both luxurious and welcoming.

Upscale and Convenient Living

Think about how easy it would be to do your laundry right at home, without even having to leave. At Alexan Westerly Creek, every apartment includes a washer and dryer, turning laundry day into a simple task. This feature is a real luxury, saving you from the time and trouble of using communal laundry rooms. But it’s not just about the convenience; it’s about freeing up more of your day to do the things you enjoy. With a washer and dryer right in your unit, you can handle laundry whenever you want. We make it a point to make your daily chores simpler so you can keep up with your busy life in style.

Elegant Comforts

In select homes at Alexan Westerly Creek, the bathrooms are your own personal spa with combination bath and showers. These features give you both the fast convenience of a shower and the relaxing feel of a bath. Made for both relaxation and efficiency, they fit your needs and your timetable. Whether you need a quick shower to start your day or you want to relax in a long bath, these baths/showers are ideal. They’re not just practical. They also make the bathroom look better, adding to the luxury of your entire apartment.

At Alexan Westerly Creek, we believe your apartment should match your wish for a better way of living. We offer modern cabinets in the kitchens. We have convenient washers and dryers in each unit. And lastly, we provide stylish baths and showers in select homes. Every detail is carefully picked for quality and detail. These features make sure our residents have a living experience that’s both stylish and comfy. Welcome to your new home, where every day you get to live a luxurious life. Enjoy upscale living and stylish comfort at Alexan Westerly Creek. Schedule a tour or secure a lease of our luxury homes today!