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Unique Homes to Live In - four women on a rooftop deck enjoying the view and having a great time

Unique Homes to Live In

Have you ever dreamed of a place where each day is a luxury holiday staycation? Time to get excited because Alexan Westerly Creek is making that dream come true. Our apartments come with amenities that will make your buddies jealous and areas built for top-notch comfort and fashion. This isn’t your ordinary apartment; it’s a piece of paradise right in the city. Here, every feature and corner has the features to make your life not just good but spectacularly dreamy. Explore what makes our apartments unique homes to live in.

Sky-High Chill

Our beautiful rooftop deck combines upscale and high-end comfort with open-air relaxation. Inside, there’s a lounge complete with a kitchen for your fancy cooking, warm fireplaces, and even a kegerator for your beer cravings. Go outside to find extra seats, a cornhole game, and amazing views of the Westerly Creek Trail. It’s great for sunny days or stylish nights under the stars. Picture having your coffee up there in the morning or a dinner party at dusk with city lights below. This place isn’t just a perk; it upgrades your living, turning every second into something special.

Unique Courtyard Vibes

We have a separate courtyard that offers a peaceful getaway and it also comes with views of the lovely Westerly Creek Trail. It comes with a comfy fireplace, barbecue grills, and fun outdoor games like bocce ball, cornhole, and ping pong. Here, you get to relish the outdoors along with luxury comforts close at hand. It’s perfect for a summer barbecue, reading beside the fire, or playing games with friends. This area is made for quality downtime, blending community vibes and comfort. It turns nature into the perfect setting for endless enjoyment and chill-out moments.

Homes with Package Perks to Live in

No more worries about missing deliveries or waiting for your packages. We feature Amazon’s round-the-clock Hub as a pickup service. We also have a special room for big packages, getting your online orders is now easy and safe. Do you love shopping online or just enjoy the ease of packages coming right to your doorstep? Our delivery system makes sure you get everything smoothly. This service is one of the ways we make daily life better at Alexan Westerly Creek. Our goal is to bring you comfort and security. We think the little things matter and are committed to making your home life worry-free and luxurious.

Alexan Westerly Creek is changing the game on luxury living. Rooftop relaxation, courtyard games, and simple package pickup make living here elegant, stylish, and fun. It’s not just somewhere to stay; it’s where all the great moments of life unfold. Welcome to Alexan Westerly Creek, a place that lifts every day into something special. Here, every detail is thought out to make your daily life not just easier, but truly memorable. Our best interests align with giving our residents the best upscale living possible. Experience unique homes to live in here at Alexan Westerly Creek. Book a tour or contact our leasing team for more details!