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The Ultimate Spot with Scenic Views - Outdoor Deck with luxury chairs and tables

The Ultimate Spot with Scenic Views

Embrace a well deserved relaxation at Alexan Westerly Creek. A community where modern amenities blend seamlessly with the beauty of nature. As the holiday season approaches, let’s take a stroll through the unique features that make our community a perfect place to relax, play, and connect. Here, you’ll discover a space that perfectly captures the festive spirit, offering both the charm of the outdoors and the comfort of luxurious amenities. Have a look at the ultimate spot with scenic views.

The Ultimate Relaxation

Our rooftop deck is really special. It has an indoor lounge with a kitchen, warm fireplaces, and a kegerator for drinks. It’s perfect for holiday parties or just a calm night. Outside, there’s more seating to enjoy the open air and lovely views of Westerly Creek Trail. When the holidays come, it turns into a magical spot, full of festive cheer and warmth. Up here, you can see the holiday lights and feel the joy of the season.

Cornhole and Scenic Views

Go out onto our rooftop and there’s more than just pretty scenery. We’ve got a cornhole game for fun matches. It’s a nice way to enjoy time with friends and family, especially around the holidays. The Westerly Creek Trail view makes it more than just playing a game – it’s about enjoying where you are. This is a fun way to be active and have a good time during the holiday times. You can laugh, play, and feel the holiday joy up here.

A Cozy and Festive Spot

Inside, our lounge is all about comfort and warmth. With fireplaces to keep you cozy and a kitchen for holiday cooking, it’s like your own festive living room. The kegerator adds a fun twist to your gatherings, offering a range of drinks to enjoy. Over the holidays, this indoor space turns into a cozy retreat, where you can gather around the fire, share stories, and create lasting memories.

The ultimate spot with scenic views is just a tour and a lease away here at Alexan Westerly Creek. Schedule a tour and lease today!