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The Houdini of Apartments - A8 luxury floor plan

The Houdini of Apartments

Have you ever stepped into a place and thought, “Wow, did I just walk into a magic trick?” That’s the A8 floor plan at Alexan Westerly Creek for you. With 936 SF packed with charm, this one-bedroom, one-bathroom wonder is the Houdini of apartments. It’s got space, it’s got style, and yes, it’s got that extra something (a den!) that makes you go, “Oh, so this is what they mean by living the dream.”

Your Personal Sleep Haven

Dive into the bedroom first. It’s way more than a place to crash; think of it as your personal hideout from the hustle and bustle. That walk-in closet? It’s huge – you could do a dance with your mop in there and not touch a thing. And with those tall, 9-foot ceilings, you’ll feel like royalty. It’s as if your bedroom wraps you up in a warm embrace and whispers, “Sleep in, you deserve it.” Imagine playing hide and seek in there – you hide, and your worries never find you. It’s like having a cozy fortress where every morning starts with a “Why not stay in bed a bit longer?” vibe. And if you’re practicing your victory dance for the day ahead, there’s plenty of space for that too.

The Houdini of Rooms

Next up is the den. This comfortable spot is the secret sauce of the A8 floor plan. Think of it as your very own office, reading nook, or chill-out zone – whatever floats your boat. Just one step inside, and it’s like the outside world hits the mute button. This den is where big plans take shape or where you might finally get through that book you’ve been nibbling at for months. It’s the Swiss Army knife of rooms, ready to switch from a lively hangout to a peaceful retreat quicker than you can say “Where’s the remote?” Imagine it as your personal shape-shifter: one moment it’s a brainstorming bunker, the next, a tranquil tea room. Also, it’s the perfect hideaway for when you need a break from being, well, you.

Extra Perks with our Apartments

Just when you think it’s as good as it gets, hold onto your hats because there’s more! Select homes come with mudrooms and balconies. Think of the mudroom as your own personal assistant, keeping all your outside stuff tidy and hidden away. Then, there’s the balcony – your very own VIP section for enjoying a cup of joe or taking in a deep breath of fresh air. It’s like snagging a slice of nature’s pie, without the side of insects and wildlife. Imagine your mudroom as the guardian of clean floors, waving a magic wand to make the mess disappear. And the balcony? It’s your ticket to front-row sunrises, no hiking required. So, get ready to live the dream, bug spray and bear bells not needed.

The A8 floor plan at Alexan Westerly Creek is where comfort meets convenience and adds a dash of “wow.” So, if you’re looking for a place that’s as multifaceted as you are, the A8 might just be your match made in heaven. Experience the Houdini of apartments with our A8 floor plan. Secure a lease of our luxury homes today at Alexan Westerly Creek!