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Pan-fried chive pockets - pic by Christina S. on Yelp - Mason's Dumpling Shop near Alexan Westerly Creek

Mason’s Dumpling Shop near Alexan Westerly Creek

Part of the fun of moving to a new city is finding new flavors to enjoy, like Mason’s Dumpling Shop near Alexan Westerly Creek. Opening late summer of 2022 but pre-leasing soon, Alexan Westerly Creek is Aurora’s latest luxury apartment community offering. Dive into the deep end of comfortable living surrounded by the best dining, shopping, and entertainment Aurora offers. Don’t miss your chance to live better.

Mason’s Dumpling Shop 

There’s something magical about the dumplings at Mason’s Dumpling Shop. In their words, “Each morning around 6am, Ker and his team pick up their daily produce and head to the butcher shop to watch meat grind down into dumpling-friendly form—ensuring the highest quality meat, and not trimmings, are what you’ll be eating. The staff mixes the fillings, then kneads and rolls out the dough, and then hand folds hundreds of dumplings.”

Eats near Alexan Westerly Creek

Todd H. shares, “If you’re looking for Chinese dumplings… search no further. Mason’s will check all the boxes for you without draining your wallet. Simple, clean, and unexpected this little dumpling shop is a bright spot…Everything is scratch-made. What is here? Maybe the best dumplings and ramen you’ve ever had. Here’s what I order… Angus beef Ramen noodles, stewed bean curd, pork belly buns, and soup dumplings. EVERYTHING is amazing and so fresh.”

What’s on Your Menu?

Moving to Alexan Westerly Creek allows you to create a new go-to list for local eats. From upscale gourmet to new American, you can find something for every taste. So gather your friends and make plans to explore.

Enjoy Mason’s Dumpling Shop near Alexan Westerly Creek and start planning your move into a better life. Alexan Westerly Creek opens in the summer of 2022 and is pre-leasing soon.