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Pan-Fried Chive Pockets - Mason's Dumpling Shop near Alexan Westerly Creek - pic by Christina S. on Yelp

Mason’s Dumpling Shop near Alexan Westerly Creek

Your new address has plenty of local perks, like Mason’s Dumpling Shop near Alexan Westerly Creek. Not only can you enjoy Aurora’s latest luxury apartment community, but all the upscale dining, entertainment, and shopping your new neighborhood offers. So grab your friends and go wherever the adventure takes you. Afterward, come home to endless comfort in your new luxury apartment at Alexan Westerly Creek.

Mason’s Dumpling Shop 

Nothing beats handmade steamed dumplings at Mason’s Dumpling Shop. In their words, “Our story begins in San Gabriel, California when Alan Lam and Grace Li founded Luscious Dumpling in 2001. The latter was born and raised in Shenyang, a northern province known for its dumplings. The new store in Colorado will continue the tradition of hand-making each dumpling from scratch every morning and bring delicious food to all the dumpling lovers throughout the Denver metro!”

Eats near Alexan Westerly Creek

Morgan S. shares“We got the soup steamed dumplings and the pan-fried chicken dumplings. The soup dumplings were to die for! So flavorful and delicious! A little soup in the dumpling enhanced the flavor! The pan-fired chicken dumplings were lacking in flavor. I felt like it needed a little more seasoning. The soy sauce that came with it was delicious and did help with the chicken dumpling flavor. Over all, it was a great experience and tasted great! I cant wait to try more dumplings.”

Friendly Vibes

You will love spending time with your friends exploring your new neighborhood in Aurora, Colorado. Wherever you explore, you can always come home to the pure comfort of your new luxury apartment. So kick back and relax. Life is better here, so get here as soon as you can. You belong here.

Celebrate your move into upscale living with a meal at Mason’s Dumpling Shop near Alexan Westerly Creek. Your best life lives here, so start planning your move today!