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Make The Best Out of Life - A5 luxury one-bedroom and one-bathroom floor plan

Make The Best Out of Life

Make the best out of life in one of our premium floor plans here at Alexan Westerly Creek. The A5 floor plan, with its 829 SF of well-designed space, offers nothing but the best of the upscale life. This one-bedroom, one-bathroom layout is perfect for anyone seeking an elevated lifestyle. We aim to ensure you experience only the best of upscale living inside our walls. Explore the details that make this floor plan stand out from the rest.

The Best of Flowing Layouts

The A5 floor plan’s open-concept layout is one of its standout features. This design creates a smooth flow between spaces, making the apartment feel bigger and more connected. The living room flows easily from one area into another. This creates a perfect space for both relaxing and entertaining. Large windows fill the space with natural light, making the apartment feel bright and airy. This open layout makes the apartment more inviting and offers flexibility in arranging your furniture. Hosting friends or enjoying a quiet night in? The open-concept design provides a stylish and functional space for any event.

Making the Best Out of Life

The bedroom in the A5 floor plan is a real retreat. It is spacious enough for you to put in a huge bed and a couple of pieces of furniture. The huge walk-in closet space means you have ample storage for all your things, keeping the area neat and tidy. Next to the bedroom, the bathroom offers a spa day like no other. You can feel your style go up and your stress go away the moment that you enter. The bathtub is perfect for a relaxing soak after a long day, and the spacious layout gives you plenty of room to move around. It’s an ideal place for pampering yourself and starting or ending your day in luxury.

Stylish Comfort

The living and kitchen area in the A5 floor plan blends style and comfort. The living room is a versatile space where you can relax, watch TV, or entertain guests. It’s spacious enough for all your furniture and d├ęcor, making it a comfy and inviting place to spend time. The kitchen is a chef’s dream, with high-end stainless steel appliances and designer finishes. Ample counter space and large cabinets offer plenty of room for meal prep and storage, making cooking and entertaining easy. The kitchen’s sleek design and modern features make it a stylish highlight of the apartment.

In a nutshell, the A5 floor plan at Alexan Westerly Creek offers nothing but the best of luxury and function. It has a flowing open-concept layout, a comfy bedroom, and an elegant bathroom. Every detail comes with upscale living in mind. The living and kitchen areas provide a perfect space for both relaxation and entertainment. This makes this apartment a great choice for anyone seeking an elevated lifestyle. Discover the luxury and style that await you in our neighborhood. Make the best out of life here at Alexan Westerly Creek. Grab hold of a lease of our A5 floor plan today!