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Luxury and Style Meet Seamlessly - young woman sitting by the pool

Luxury and Style Meet Seamlessly

Luxury and style meet seamlessly here in our luxury community. Our community is here for those who seek an elevated way of life. We offer a pristine pool courtyard and an inviting hot tub and pool bar. Every amenity here only enhances your already outstanding way of life. Explore what makes Alexan Westerly Creek the definition of the upscale way of life.

Relax and Refresh in Style

Our pool courtyard is a place of peace and style. Imagine lounging by our resort-style pool. It comes with an infinity edge that blends perfectly with the sky. The pool has a tanning ledge, which is great for soaking up the sun in complete comfort. It’s the perfect spot to relax after a busy day or enjoy a lazy weekend. With lush plants all around, the pool courtyard is a calm escape from daily life. Cozy lounge chairs and cabanas offer plenty of room for relaxing and chatting. The careful design of the pool courtyard shows our dedication to providing a luxurious living experience. Each feature enhances your enjoyment, making every trip to the pool feel like a small vacation.

Unwind in Luxury

Next to our stunning pool, our hot tub and pool bar offer perfect spots for relaxation and fun. The hot tub is a soothing retreat where you can let go of stress and refresh your body and mind. Its warm, bubbling waters are a nice contrast to the cooler pool. Next to the hot tub is our stylish pool bar, a great place where residents can gather for drinks and chats. The bar has a wide range of beverages, so there’s something for everyone. Are you enjoying a drink after a swim or having a casual get-together with friends? The pool bar adds a touch of luxury to your day. These amenities make it easy to connect with neighbors and build lasting friendships.

Indulge Your Culinary Skills Seamlessly

If you love to cook and entertain, our outdoor kitchen is perfect for you. It has modern grilling stations and a smoker. It is ideal for cooking tasty meals and hosting BBQ parties. The grilling stations are great for both beginners and experienced cooks. It offers all the tools you need for a perfect cookout. The smoker lets you try out new flavors and cooking methods. Our outdoor kitchen is not only functional but also beautiful, with stylish countertops and plenty of space for food prep and dining. The seating areas around it make it easy to enjoy meals with family and friends in a lovely outdoor setting. This amenity shows our commitment to providing a luxurious lifestyle where convenience and elegance go together. It’s a place where you can get creative with your cooking, making every meal special.

Alexan Westerly Creek offers more than just a place to live. It’s a community where luxury, style, and comfort are paramount. With amenities designed to enhance every aspect of your life, you’ll find that living here is a unique experience. Come and discover what makes our homes the best in upscale living. Luxury and style meet seamlessly here at Alexan Westerly Creek. Book a tour of our homes and know the meaning of luxury today!