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Food and Beer - Taps

Food and Beer

If you are looking for a place where food and beer are abundant, look no further than Stanley Beer Hall. Located only a few minutes from our Alexan Westerly Creek community, you can satisfy your food and beer cravings at reasonable prices. Join us and have fun at the friendly neighborhood beer hall!


Food for Days

Are you starving? Did you have a long day? Or would you like to reward yourself or celebrate? Eat your heart out at Stanley Beer Hall! They feature a large variety of food on their menu. All the dishes are served in generous portions for reasonable prices, as well. A great deal that tastes this good is a rare find.


Drinks Galore

As the name implies, drinks at Stanley Beer Hall are aplenty. Their cocktails on tap are a notable feature. Are you feeling fancy? They have wine on tap as well. Do you have kids along with you? Don’t worry, as Stanley Beer Hall has got you covered. They also feature non-alcoholic fountain drinks.


Comfort and Joy

The beer hall features a comfortable design. The lighting sets a comfortable mood while dining inside. The long tables inside the beer hall are inviting for a large group of friends. Nobody will have to sit at a different table and be left out. Have unlimited fun at Stanley Beer Hall!


Food and beer in abundance are what await you at Stanley Beer Hall. Come and join us as we dine to our heart’s content. Call now and get your reservations or order online.