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Enjoy Life to the Fullest - fitness center with modern strength and cardio equipment

Enjoy Life to the Fullest

Life is more than just the usual at Alexan Westerly Creek. It’s a deep trek into a world where every detail comes with luxury and upscale living. Every amenity here improves your daily life and wraps you in comfort. Do you love working out, soaking up the sun, or biking? Our facilities meet all your needs, helping you enjoy life to the fullest. It’s a place where you can truly thrive and feel pampered every day. This commitment to luxury ensures that living here isn’t just satisfying; it’s truly transformative.

Living Life to the Fullest

Walk into our fitness center and find a place tailored to help you meet your wellness goals. It comes with top-notch cardio machines and strength training gear. Our gym serves a wide range of exercise routines and fitness levels. Our movement studio also hosts yoga and spin classes. It provides a mix of calm and challenging workouts to help you stay balanced and push yourself. This area is here to help you grow healthier and happier in an inspiring and fashionable setting. Every workout moves you closer to your personal health goals. It’s a supportive environment where each visit boosts both your physical and mental well-being.

Enjoy A Slice of Paradise

Imagine a courtyard where water meets luxury. Our courtyard features an infinity edge pool that seems to stretch into the horizon. Our resort-style pool features a tanning ledge for those sunny days. It has a hot tub for relaxing evenings. Lastly, it has a pool bar to keep you refreshed. Beyond swimming, the outdoor kitchen comes with grilling stations and a smoker for the ultimate cookout experience. A chic fire feature accentuates the ample seating and lounging areas. This makes this space a social hub and a tranquil retreat rolled into one. It’s the perfect setting to enjoy the outdoors in unparalleled style.

Cyclist’s Delight

For cycling enthusiasts, our dedicated bike storage and maintenance rooms are a game changer. These facilities provide convenient storage for your bicycle and the tools and space to maintain and repair it. This means you can easily access your bike for a leisurely ride or a rigorous training session. All of this is without the hassle of keeping it in your apartment. With everything you need right on site, embracing the cyclist lifestyle is effortless and enjoyable. It’s another way we ensure that we cover every aspect of upscale living at Alexan Westerly Creek.

At Alexan Westerly Creek, each amenity is a testament to our commitment to providing an elevated lifestyle. We have a comprehensive fitness center, a breathtaking pool courtyard, and cyclist-friendly facilities. Every feature enhances your living experience. Here, luxury isn’t just a detail—it’s the foundation of everything we do. Your home is not only beautiful but also a place where every day feels like a getaway. Come into a world where your lifestyle aspirations become a reality. Enjoy life to the fullest here at Alexan Westerly Creek. Schedule a tour or secure a lease of our upscale homes today!