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Elegance Shapes Every Corner - luxury B3 two-bedroom and two-bathroom floor plan

Elegance Shapes Every Corner

Welcome to a place where elegance shapes every corner and living becomes an art form. The B3 floor plan at Alexan Westerly Creek is not just an apartment; it’s a declaration of lifestyle. This 1,240 SF layout offers modern luxury and stylish practical living. It’s ideal for those who appreciate beauty and function in their home. Every part of this apartment improves your everyday living. Here, we want your home to be the best part of your day. The attention to detail ensures that each moment at home is both comfortable and stylish. Explore what makes this floor plan a haven for its residents.

Expansive Elegance

The B3 floor plan brings energy to every gathering with its open design and high 9-foot ceilings. In this floor plan, you will never find the space lacking. Durable vinyl plank flooring runs throughout, adding style and withstanding daily wear while keeping a polished appearance. This layout enhances the feel of each room and allows for an effortless flow from one space to another. This design choice improves both the function and beauty of the apartment. Whether hosting guests or having a relaxed evening, the roomy and elegant design provides the ideal setting for any event.

Comfort Shapes Every Corner

The B3 floor plan prioritizes comfort without compromise. It features two large bedrooms, each a peaceful retreat for relaxation. Every bedroom comes with its own bathroom, offering privacy and convenience for both residents and visitors. Each bedroom also comes with their own spacious walk-in closets. The primary bedroom boasts an en-suite bathroom, turning it into a spa-like sanctuary right at home. These rooms are crafted for both comfort and luxury. They come with plenty of closet space and smart designs that make daily life both simple and sophisticated.

The Heart of the Home

At the center of the B3 floor plan, you’ll find the kitchen and living area. Both of which have beauty and practicality in mind. The kitchen features durable granite countertops and stylish tile backsplashes that add a touch of luxury. These elements are not just useful; they also enhance the space’s overall look. The living area next to the kitchen is roomy and welcoming. It is ideal for having guests over or just unwinding after a long day. These spaces together make up the heart of the home. This is where practicality blends with style to create a perfect mix for daily life and high-end living.

Living in the B3 floor plan at Alexan Westerly Creek means choosing a lifestyle of upscale luxury. Every part of this apartment comes with comfort and style. From the high ceilings and tough flooring to the chic bathrooms and well-equipped kitchen, everything screams of elegance. It’s a home where every detail is thought out to improve your way of life, making it more than just a place to live. It’s a place to really enjoy what life has to offer. Here, you do more than just live; you flourish. Elegance shapes every corner here at Alexan Westerly Creek. Book a tour or move in today in our luxury B3 floor plan!