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Down the Lane of Luxury Living - luxury kitchen interior with granite countertops and contemporary cabinetry

Down the Lane of Luxury Living

Imagine a place where style and comfort hold hands and skip down the lane of luxury living. That’s Alexan Westerly Creek for you, where every apartment feature is a nod to an upscale, elevated lifestyle. Here, we do more than just sprinkle elegance. Here, elegance pours like fine wine at a VIP event. We have sleek kitchen surfaces, smart storage solutions, and the convenience of modern appliances. Living here feels like you’re always ahead in the style stakes. Take a closer look at the features that set Alexan Westerly Creek apart from the rest. It’s not just about having a roof over your head; it’s about how that roof looks and feels!

Down the Granite Lane

Step into the kitchen, and you’ll feel like you’ve entered the set of a cooking show. Our granite countertops aren’t just surfaces; they’re the launchpads for your culinary explorations. Matched with stylish tile backsplashes, they’re a feast for the eyes even before you start cooking. These kitchens are designed not just for preparing meals but for inspiring masterpieces. The granite is cool, sleek, and durable, ready for whatever you’re cooking up. And those backsplashes? They’re not just practical; they add a dash of art to every meal prep. This is where functionality meets beauty, creating a space that’s as nice to look at as it is to cook in.

Luxury Contemporary Cabinetry

Open any cabinet in an Alexan Westerly Creek kitchen, and you’ll find a world of smart, contemporary storage. Our cabinetry is more than just boxes on the wall; it’s a statement of style and functionality. Designed with modern aesthetics in mind, these cabinets keep your kitchen clutter-free and chic. The sleek lines and sophisticated finishes make them a perfect complement to the granite countertops. But it’s not all about looks. These cabinets are here to hold everything you need, keeping essentials within reach but out of sight. It’s the kind of thoughtful design that elevates your daily life, blending seamlessly with the rest of your stylish space.

Convenient and Upscale Living

You cannot overstate the luxury of having a washer and dryer in your apartment. At Alexan Westerly Creek, we understand that your time is precious. That’s why every unit comes equipped with its own laundry set. No more waiting around at communal laundromats or hauling heavy baskets across town. Here, doing laundry is as simple as walking to your closet. It’s the kind of convenience that makes a big difference in your daily routine, giving you more time to enjoy the finer things in life. And because you can tuck them away, your living space remains sleek and elegant. It’s just another way we ensure that your home supports your upscale, busy lifestyle.

At Alexan Westerly Creek, everything, like the granite tops and modern cabinets to washers and dryers inside, spells luxury. Here, living up high means each part makes life smooth and stylish. It’s all about going beyond what you expect, making a place that’s both elegant and easy to live in. Here, fancy living is normal, and every day, you get to be in a place that’s pretty and practical. Welcome to our luxury spot, where we take living well to a new level. Go down the lane of luxury living here at Alexan Westerly Creek. Give our leasing team a call today for more details on our luxury homes!