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Comfort is at Your Fingertips - B3 Two-Bedroom Luxury Apartment Floor Plan

Comfort is at Your Fingertips

Finding the perfect personal retreat is easy when you check the floor plans at Alexan Westerly Creek. Comfort is at your fingertips when you rent the spectacular B3 apartment. Of course, your new address also comes with more than fun at home. This community has it all. And there are plenty of other things, like local dining, shopping, and hangouts, you and your friends will love close by. Drop by the Alexan Westerly Creek for a tour.

Ample Space

How wonderful to find this pleasantly roomy, two-bedroom, two-bath apartment! Wrap yourself in the cozy warmth of your new space, where you can enjoy the best that luxury at Alexan Westerly Creek offers. There’s so much space for you and, perhaps, your fur baby. At 1,240 SF, the B3 offers just that. This apartment boasts as much room as some houses. And it has a primo address. All this is ready for you at Alexan Westerly Creek.

Plentiful Bedroom Elbow Room

Both bedrooms in this home have ample space for your favorite furniture. In addition, the B3 has linen closets and a pantry. Both walk-in closets have more than enough wardrobe space to fit every season of your favorite outfits. Extra conveniences include a full-sized washer and dryer that shrinks laundry day into an afterthought. This place is a great find.

Perfect Flow

The open floor plan and nine-foot ceilings make everything seem brighter. This brightness is because there are so many windows to let the sunshine spill in. You will also enjoy your well-featured modern kitchen, easily visible from the living room, so you never miss out on party fun. Invite your friends, who will love how the living area flows nicely into the kitchen. There is a beautiful balcony that further extends your social spaces, so let the good times roll.

Comfort is at your fingertips in the B3 two-bedroom, available exclusively at Alexan Westerly Creek. So schedule your tour and lease today!