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Clever and Roomy Holiday Haven - Interior with nine-foot ceilings and vinyl plank flooring

Clever and Roomy Holiday Haven

Welcome to Alexan Westerly Creek, where every feature comes with you in mind. Our apartments offer a blend of style and practicality, making them perfect for both everyday living and festive holiday seasons. With the coming holiday season, our homes function as a clever and roomy holiday haven. Explore what makes our apartments so special.

Tall and Roomy Homes

Our apartments feature nine-foot ceilings. This makes every room feel bigger and brighter. For the holidays, this means lots of room for a large Christmas tree or to hang lots of decorations. Rooms with these tall ceilings feel more open and friendly. Think about how pretty your holiday lights will look in such a roomy and happy space. It’s like adding a bit of magic to your holiday fun. Also, the high ceilings are great for taking photos with your decorations. They make your holiday parties feel more grand and festive.

Convenient and Clever

Select Alexan Westerly Creek homes have mud nooks. These are really useful, especially around the holidays. After you come home from buying gifts or taking a walk in the winter, you can put your coats, boots, and umbrellas in this spot. This keeps your house clean and organized. It seems like a little thing, but it helps a lot in keeping your place tidy. Also, it’s great for storing wet winter gear so it doesn’t get the rest of your house soggy.

A Holiday Haven

At Alexan Westerly Creek, our amenities are all about adding comfort and style to your life. From the durable mud nooks to the spacious nine-foot ceilings and handy mud nooks, every feature is there to improve your living experience. These amenities not only make everyday life easier but also add a touch of charm to your holiday celebrations.

Are you looking for a clever and roomy holiday haven? End your search at Alexan Westerly Creek. Schedule a tour and secure a lease today!