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Cheluna Brewing Company near Alexan Westerly Creek - pic by Rick T on Yelp

Cheluna Brewing Company near Alexan Westerly Creek

Living at Alexan Westerly Creek is more than upscale apartment features and fn community amenities. You can also enjoy local favorites in the Stanley Market area, like the Cheluna Brewing Company. But there’s plenty to explore at Stanley Marketplace when you live at Alexan Westerly Creek. So isn’t it time you enjoyed a lifestyle upgrade?

Viva Mexico

Enjoy the only microbrewing company in Stanley Marketplace and the first Latin-owned brewery in Colorado. The flavors of Oaxaca inspire all their beer. Crissa P. shares“The beer is always flavorful and fresh. My husband and I have enjoyed beers here many times. It’s a very festive, low-key/relaxing place to enjoy a few craft brews. There’s an upstairs area if you’d like to sit further away from the bar or people-watch on the second level. While they do offer some pretzels, you’re also welcome to bring in outside food from the other vendors at Stanley Market.”

So Many Shops

Close to Alexan Westerly Creek is an amazing place for shopping and eating. It is a great place to walk around and explore with friends. Yelp tells us this about Stanley. “Stanley Marketplace is an urban gathering place and community hub in what used to be Stanley Aviation, once the largest employer in Aurora.” It’s easy to imagine enjoying Stanley Marketplace with your friends once you move to Alexan Westerly Creek.

Local Color

How exciting to find so much so close to your new home. You can explore and explore and eat your way thru Stanley Marketplace. What a blast! You don’t have to travel far to soak up some local color, especially when you live at Alexan Westerly Creek. You belong here, so don’t miss your chance to upgrade your lifestyle.

Celebrate your move to Alexan Westerly Creek at Cheluna Brewing Company. Discover a better way to live. Schedule your community tour today!