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Rabbit Gnocchi - pic by Ciao Line on Yelp - Cattivella near Alexan Westerly Creek

Cattivella near Alexan Westerly Creek

Enjoy a night to remember with upscale dining at Cattivella near Alexan Westerly Creek. One of the perks of living at Alexan Westerly Creek is easy access to upscale dining and top-tier shopping and entertainment. Discover the life waiting for you at Alexan Westerly Creek, and you won’t be disappointed. Your best chance at a better lifestyle is pre-leasing soon and opening in the summer of 2022.


Enjoy the best Italian food in Colorado at Cattivella. In their words, “Chef/Owner Wiggins brings decades of restaurant experience to Cattivella including a 12-year stint as Executive Chef of Panzano named Best Italian by Westword and winner of multiple awards for food and service from The Denver Post, 5280 magazine, The American Culinary Federation and The American Automobile Association. She makes an annual pilgrimage to Italy to work with Italian chefs and learn the classic techniques and ingredients that she employs at Cattivella.”

Dining near Alexan Westerly Creek

Their fans are talking. Wayne C. shares“Not only does Cattivella have some of the best pizza you’ll taste in the Rocky Mountain states, but it’s a hip and happening atmosphere that makes you feel like you’re going to send your trip off with the best memories. The service is great. The food selections and quality are fantastic. They have nice wine pours and cocktail specials. And, on top of it all – Cattivella is conveniently located near DIA. Ahhhh – what more do I need to say?! Cattivella rocks!”

Local and Upscale Dining

Anyone can pop into a local chain and grab something to eat. Upscale dining, however, is an experience. Discover the perfect balance between service, cuisine, and ambiance for the ideal meal away from home. When your lifestyle craves culinary adventure, living at Alexan Westerly Creek is a step in the right direction. Stretch your imagination.

Enjoy Cattivella near Alexan Westerly Creek for a meal to remember in a new apartment you will never forget. Don’t miss your chance to upgrade your lifestyle – opening in the summer of 2022.