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Carm & Gia Metropolitan in Aurora - Nachos* Dino not included - pic by Donna D. on April 19, 2022,on yelp

Carm & Gia Metropolitan in Aurora

Your new neighborhood is another perk you’ll love once you move to Alexan Westerly Creek. So celebrate your move with a local favorite, like Carm & Gia Metropolitan. There’s no American meal quite as iconic as a cheeseburger, and our luxury apartments have no shortage of incredible ones within arm’s reach. Whether you cook your own at our modern grilling stations or you decide to hunt for your new favorite burger joint, you’re never too far from the fantastic flavor.

Carm & Gia Metropolitan 

Carm & Gia Metropolitan is a local American restaurant with high-quality burgers, hot dogs, and other classic fares. It’s a favorite stop for locals thanks to its diverse menu, incredible flavors, and overall charming aesthetic. Best of all, it’s only half a mile from our luxury apartments. You can save on gas and walk to their front doors in ten minutes or less.

A Burger for All Tastes

No matter your palate, Carm & Gia will likely have the burger that best suits it. They currently offer fourteen specialty burgers on their menu. So try their classic Metropolitan with standard toppings and Dijonaise – a mix of Dijon mustard and mayo, or their “Giddy-Up Cowboy” with Polish sausage, barbeque sauce, and bacon strips. They also have nine “Alt Burgers,” which feature non-beef alternatives to patties. Delicious!

Dogs, Mac’ n’ Cheese, and More

Not in the mood for burgers? No worries. Carm & Gia also offers all-day breakfast burritos and sandwiches, hot dogs, Polish sausages, and mac ‘n’ cheese dishes to satisfy your cravings. Don’t forget to finish things with a delicious dessert, such as their hand-spun shakes, Navy Pier brownies, or Dorado churro bites.

Grab something delicious from Carm & Gia Metropolitan on your way home at Alexan Westerly Creek. A new life begins with an apartment tour and a new lease on luxury. You’re going to love it here!