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Bringing Life To A Modern Space - B3 Floor Plan

Bringing Life To A Modern Space

When we talk about homes, we often imagine a place that resonates with comfort, beauty, and space. The B3 floor plan at Alexan Westerly Creek is all that and more. Nestled in the scenic locale of Aurora, Colorado, this floor plan is the embodiment of fine living. Let’s explore how this floor plan is bringing life to a modern space.

Space That Breathes Life

Space matters. The B3 floor plan offers a generous total area of 1,240 SF of spacious living space. Picture this: a vast living room where you can lay back and enjoy your favorite shows, a spacious dining area that’s perfect for those family dinners or friendly gatherings, and an added bonus – two snug bedrooms to drift off in after a long day. Whether you’re a family or a pair of roommates, the layout ensures everyone has a comfortable nook.

Bringing the Outside In

This floor plan boasts a beautiful balcony. Now, imagine sipping your morning coffee as you look out over Aurora’s captivating views or catching the cool evening air with a book in hand. The balcony isn’t just an added feature; it’s a space that bridges the inside and the outside, allowing residents to enjoy the best of both worlds. Feel the cold breeze of the outside wind here at Alexan Westerly Creek.

Modern Living Meets Comfort

Two bathrooms make a difference. Whether it’s rushing to get ready in the morning or enjoying a relaxed evening soak, having two bathrooms is a game-changer. The B3 floor plan understands the needs of modern residents. The design combines practicality with luxury, ensuring every resident feels pampered in their space. With these two luxurious bathrooms, getting ready for the day or winding down in the evening becomes an experience in itself.

Bringing life to a modern space is the main idea in Alexan Westerly Creek’s B3 floor plan. Upscale your lifestyle today! Schedule a tour!