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Unique Homes to Live In - four women on a rooftop deck enjoying the view and having a great time

Unique Homes to Live In

Have you ever dreamed of a place where each day is a luxury holiday staycation? Time to get excited because Alexan Westerly Creek is making that dream come true. Our apartments come with amenities that will make your buddies jealous and areas built for top-notch comfort and fashion. This isn’t your ordinary apartment; it’s a piece of paradise right in the city. Here, every feature and corner has the features to make your life not just good but spectacularly dreamy. Explore what makes our apartments unique homes to live in.

Sky-High Chill

Our beautiful rooftop deck combines upscale and high-end comfort with open-air relaxation. Inside, there’s a lounge complete with a kitchen for your fancy cooking, warm fireplaces, and even a kegerator for your beer cravings....

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Down the Lane of Luxury Living - luxury kitchen interior with granite countertops and contemporary cabinetry

Down the Lane of Luxury Living

Imagine a place where style and comfort hold hands and skip down the lane of luxury living. That’s Alexan Westerly Creek for you, where every apartment feature is a nod to an upscale, elevated lifestyle. Here, we do more than just sprinkle elegance. Here, elegance pours like fine wine at a VIP event. We have sleek kitchen surfaces, smart storage solutions, and the convenience of modern...

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Luxury and Class Like No Other - luxury apartment interior with high ceilings and vinyl-plank flooring

Luxury and Class Like No Other

Alexan Westerly Creek makes stylish living effortless. Our high-end apartment community sets a new standard for luxurious living with our elegant features and top-tier lifestyle choices. Every detail here is designed with your comfort, ease, and taste in mind. With roomy living spaces and the latest amenities, Alexan Westerly Creek combines luxury and class like no other. It’s an ideal...

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Southern Charm on Your Plate - waffles

Southern Charm on Your Plate

Start your day with a hearty Southern-style breakfast, where biscuits and gravy reign supreme. At Alexan Westerly Creek, it’s not just about the high-end apartments and the swanky features we offer; it’s about our top-notch location in Aurora, CO. Right by places like Four Friends Kitchen, where you can indulge in delicious breakfast, brunch, and lunch with a Southern twist, all...

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Upscaling Your Day-To-Day Living - co-working lounge with tables, private offices, quiet conversation rooms, and conference rooms

Upscaling Your Day-To-Day Living

Living at Alexan Westerly Creek isn’t just about having a fancy address. It’s about embracing a lifestyle where every detail comes with the thought of upscaling your day-to-day living. Here, the blend of luxury and convenience creates a sophisticated and utterly comfortable environment. Imagine a place where your morning coffee is as essential as the air you breathe, and your...

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