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Carm & Gia Metropolitan in Aurora - Nachos* Dino not included - pic by Donna D. on April 19, 2022,on yelp

Carm & Gia Metropolitan in Aurora

Your new neighborhood is another perk you’ll love once you move to Alexan Westerly Creek. So celebrate your move with a local favorite, like Carm & Gia Metropolitan. There’s no American meal quite as iconic as a cheeseburger, and our luxury apartments have no shortage of incredible ones within arm’s reach. Whether you cook your own at our modern grilling stations or you decide to hunt for your new favorite burger joint, you’re never too far from the fantastic flavor.

Carm & Gia Metropolitan 

Carm & Gia Metropolitan is a local American restaurant with high-quality burgers, hot dogs, and other classic fares. It’s a favorite stop for locals thanks to its diverse menu, incredible flavors, and overall charming aesthetic. Best of all,...

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Relax on Your Terms in Aurora - Stress relieving Aurora luxury apartment community

Relax on Your Terms in Aurora

Relax on your terms, enjoying your new comfort zone at Alexan Westerly Creek. Our luxury apartments have everything you need to enjoy your free time. So gather a few hours or even a few days. Our impressive community amenities give you stress relief when you need it most and plenty of opportunities to chill solo or with your closest friends and family.

Leisure Under Our Roof


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Take Comfort in A New Home at Alexan Westerly Creek - Aurora luxury apartments with beautiful amenities

Take Comfort in A New Home at Alexan Westerly Creek

Take comfort in a new home at Alexan Westerly Creek. It’s time to experience all the best aspects of a home. You don’t have to choose between class and convenience. Instead, our beautiful...

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Escape the Mundane in Aurora - A7 One-Bedroom Luxury Apartment Floor Plan

Escape the Mundane in Aurora

A new luxury apartment at Alexan Westerly Creek is your best chance to escape the mundane in Aurora, Colorado. Discover the sublime serenity of a comfortable, relaxing apartment community perfect for Colorado. So whether you live a semi-life on the go or have plenty of long, lazy weekends, Alexan Westerly Creek is right for you. Make your escape today!

A7 One-Bed/One-Bath

Offering 924...

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Vibe Yoga + Wellness near Alexan Westerly Creek - At Vibe Yoga * Wellness, our mission is to bring total wellness in a holistic way for Every Body - pic by Vibe Yoga + Wellness on March 16, 2022, on Yelp

Vibe Yoga + Wellness near Alexan Westerly Creek

Discover many rejuvenating retreats close to home, like Vibe Yoga + Wellness near Alexan Westerly Creek. You can indulge in premium amenities and favorite activities in your new neighborhood. So grab your friends...

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