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Clever and Roomy Holiday Haven - Interior with nine-foot ceilings and vinyl plank flooring

Clever and Roomy Holiday Haven

Welcome to Alexan Westerly Creek, where every feature comes with you in mind. Our apartments offer a blend of style and practicality, making them perfect for both everyday living and festive holiday seasons. With the coming holiday season, our homes function as a clever and roomy holiday haven. Explore what makes our apartments so special.

Tall and Roomy Homes

Our apartments feature nine-foot ceilings. This makes every room feel bigger and brighter. For the holidays, this means lots of room for a large Christmas tree or to hang lots of decorations. Rooms with these tall ceilings feel more open and friendly. Think about how pretty your holiday lights will look in such a roomy and happy space. It’s like adding a bit of magic to your holiday fun. Also, the high ceilings are...

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Life with Extra Luxuries - three-bedroom luxury apartment floor plan

Life with Extra Luxuries

Welcome to the C1 floor plan at Alexan Westerly Creek. A perfect blend of spaciousness and modern design spread across 1,540 SF of spacious living space. This floor plan is an ideal choice for anyone seeking a balance of comfort, style, and functionality in their home. Take a closer look at what makes the C1 floor plan a wonderful living space. This is for people who want to live life with...

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Authentic Filipino Flavors in Every Bite - Pork Belly Adobo

Authentic Filipino Flavors in Every Bite

At Alexan Westerly Creek, we love to spotlight the diverse flavors our neighborhood offers. Today, let’s talk about Manila Bay Filipino Restaurant, a hidden gem that brings the heart and soul of the Philippines right to our doorstep. From its inviting ambiance to its mouth-watering dishes, this place is a culinary adventure waiting for exploration. Join us in this virtual tour as we...

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Upscale Living that Captures the Heart - Bocce Ball

Upscale Living that Captures the Heart

Picture a home where your everyday life feels like a relaxing getaway. That’s what Alexan Westerly Creek provides. It’s a place where you wake up to fresh morning air from the nearby trail and spend evenings enjoying time with neighbors in a beautiful courtyard. Our amenities are all about creating a happy community life. Let’s walk through our amenities that offer upscale...

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A Sleek and Modern Oasis - interior with kitchen, refrigerator, and private balcony visible

A Sleek and Modern Oasis

Experience the refreshing comfort of Alexan Westerly Creek every day. Our apartments are more than just a place to rest; they serve as a canvas for your lifestyle. With private balconies, contemporary cabinetry, and side-by-side refrigerators. Our homes are designed with your comfort and convenience in mind. Welcome to a place where every day feels like a breath of fresh air. Let’s step...

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