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A Deeper Feeling of Luxury - Fitness center with cardio and strength equipment and a movement studio featuring both yoga and spin cycles

A Deeper Feeling of Luxury

With all the benefits you’ll find at Alexan Westerly Creek, you’ll think you’ve found paradise. It’s time to indulge in a deeper feeling of luxury. But, of course, your new address also has plenty of perks, like having a great place to get in shape. You and your friends will love all the cool amenities at your new home in Alexan Westerly Creek. So plan your move today.

Holidays Are Here

No denying it, the holidays are here, and with them come wonderful foods and amazing desserts, cookies, and all that fun stuff to eat. So instead of seeing five pounds in your future, see a spinning class or yoga to help combat those pounds and have fun doing it. Having a fitness center so close to home is such a luxury that it will be easy to start this healthy habit.

Workout Advantage

Some days, especially the snowy ones, it’s hard to leave your nice warm building. But you don’t need to. Simply go downstairs for cardio or stretching. The cost of all this is nothing! No need to pay those monthly dues or navigate the snow and ice to get your favorite workout. 

Downstairs For a Soak

Too chilly? Head down out to the pool courtyard and slip into the hot tub. That cold air will float away. And if you’re brave, jump out to grill dinner. With a bit more time, you can smoke a chicken or brisket. Your friends will certainly be over to enjoy that meal. So upstairs or down, enjoy every second of your free time at your new home. 

Indulge in a deeper feeling of luxury in a new luxury apartment at Alexan Westerly Creek. You belong here, so schedule your tour today!