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A Cool Touch to Modern Living - Kitchen

A Cool Touch to Modern Living

Add a cool touch to modern living here at Alexan Westerly Creek. We believe in adding comfort and convenience to your life, and our side-by-side refrigerators do just that! Let’s delve into how these sleek appliances add a touch of luxury and practicality to your home.


A Cool and Special Touch

Our side-by-side refrigerators have your needs in mind. With two doors that open from the middle, they offer an equal amount of space for your fresh and frozen foods. Whether you’re a meal prep pro or a fan of fresh produce, you’ll find plenty of room to store your groceries. Add luxury and longevity whenever you bring home your fresh groceries!


Modern Benefits

One of the biggest perks of our refrigerators is their roomy design. Their multiple shelves and bins let you organize your food easily, saving you time when you’re preparing meals or searching for a snack. Our side-by-side refrigerators also offer ample freezer space. That’s perfect if you like to keep a variety of frozen foods on hand. Ice cream, frozen veggies, or those leftovers from your favorite restaurant – there’s room for it all!


Living with Cool Features

We know the small things make a big difference. That’s why our refrigerators have convenient features like a water and ice dispenser. Whether filling your water bottle for a workout or getting ice for a refreshing drink, it’s all available at your fingertips. Plus, our refrigerators have adjustable shelves that suit your needs. A tall bottle of juice? A big pot of soup? No problem! You can arrange the shelves to fit them all.

A cool touch to modern living awaits you at Alexan Westerly Creek. Join us in living the good life. Call now and schedule a private tour with us!