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A Community for the Outdoors - Sky Lounge

A Community for the Outdoors

A community for the outdoors is the theme here at Alexan Westerly Creek. Plenty of features invite you to go outside and be active. Get in touch with nature in more than one of our amenities. Come and be a part of our wonderful community, and enjoy a fresh view of luxury today!

Spending Time in the Community

Though we encourage you to go outdoors, our rooftop deck caters to indoor and outdoor tastes. The indoor lounge features a kitchen, several fireplaces, and a kegerator for your needs. The outdoor deck has a cornhole game and a beautiful view of the Westerly Creek Trail. So no matter your preference, you can enjoy yourself.

Cooling for the Summer

Explore our pool courtyard just in time for summer. Cool down as you take in the views from the pool’s infinity edge. If you embrace the heat, the courtyard also has tanning ledges, perfect for improving your bronze. A kitchen and several grilling stations are also available for your dining needs to touch up the ideal weekend.

Embracing the Outdoors

Embrace the outdoors and enjoy nature in a separate courtyard overlooking the Westerly Creek Trail. Plenty of outdoor games, such as bocce, are available for entertainment. You don’t need a winter coat to enjoy the outdoor fireplace. Simply bring a good story to share.

A community for the outdoors is what you will find here at Alexan Westerly Creek. Join our community and make the most out of life. Call us, and we will help you find the apartment home you want.